Short Story : Since he left

I am sitting between your legs, leaning back against your chest. I thread my fingers through yours over my stomach and you gently kiss my neck before resting your head on my shoulder. I smile.

I am lying with my head on your chest. You’re sleeping, spread out on your back reaching for all four corners of the bed like a starfish. I can sneak in and steal a hug, wrapping my arm around your waist. You partly wake and move your hand up to stroke my hair. I smile.

We are dancing like there’s no-one watching. People nearby are edging away as we begin to encroach on their space. There is nothing but you and me and the music. When it finishes, you grin at me and I fling my arms around you. We stand there for a second, hugging each other tight, then you release me and step back, searching for my eyes. I smile.

We are sitting facing each other. Your legs are crossed and my heart tightens. I start to listen but as the list of reasons lengthens I tune out. I see a bird fly past the window. You say, ‘But we’ll be friends, yeah?’, and you smile. I don’t smile this time.

Words: Hannah Morgan

Originally published at Since She Left

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