Review: Acidandali – Plaga

I (Psicopatía para la justicia) ‘You must be Mr. Laurie. I’m Hugh Sholay, they sent me from Central.’ ‘Ah, yes, did they explain the process?’ ‘Yes, but if you still fancy giving me a tour of the place, please do.’ Mr. Laurie walks me through the old archival site. All the film cans from 1960 to 1980 are housed are, in a remote warehouse in … Continue reading Review: Acidandali – Plaga

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Short Story : Always Another Stranger


You can take the pulse of a place by its bus station. I’d discovered this early in life, when I’d get loaded – on my own – onto a bus from one city to another, sent to stay with my father for a few days, or maybe my grandparents. Continue reading “Short Story : Always Another Stranger”

Amongst marbles and memories


I arrived and the city was alone, I mean alone, alone.  Like that intimacy of a static shock, that emerges from the centre of silence to the very tip of each hair on the body.  Like when you touch the cold toe of your father to realize that he is dead.  No turning back, his first day as a dead person. Continue reading “Amongst marbles and memories”

Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity

I really don’t like the smell of Drakkar Noir, or any perfume at all, but Mom insisted I wore some for this party that the nuns organised at school. “It will do you good to go out of the house and see your friends”, Mom said. Continue reading “Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity”

Dreamscape – La-di-da Recordings

Today I read the news:

Kranky to issue retrospective of long forgotten shoegazers …

Kranky have indeed reissued Bristol’s Dreamscape’s long forgotten, out of print recordings. What can you say other than sometimes time travel could be a good thing…

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