Wake up to … Mooi

So, it’s Wednesday, which always feels like the 10 minutes before lunch break/coffee break/recess/younameit. It’s a short time (allegedly) to be safe, but still, you need something to keep you going.

What better way to calm your inner Hulk (SMASH!) than the soothing, dreamy sounds of Mooi‘s ‘Apple’? There might be some, but right now, this is doing the trick.

You can read our review of her EP right here. Heck, we pulled an interview with her (in spite of a lovely fox terrier) right here. Si quieren leer la entrevista en español, pulsen* aquí.

*Estuve tentado a ponerle “dénle click”. Selah.

Mooi SoundcloudMyspaceFacebookTwitter.


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