Milk Maid – Mostly No

A while ago, Milk Maid‘s Martin Cohen gave us an interview and he mentioned “A reverb pedal might try to simulate how a room sounds but doesn’t quite get it, and I like the reverberation of a room, specially for vocals.

If there’s one quintessential aminoacid in the DNA that is the ever changing organism that is Milk Maid, it’s reverb. Slightly less distant (in an aural sort of way), Mostly No follows the footpath that Yucca discovered. Only this time, the weeds have been cleared and the path seems to be clearer and easier to walk.

Indeed, Yucca could’ve been hard to digest, but once you did, it was rewarding. Mostly No rewards not only by being a clearer sound (still with that muddy sound, though) but also by having some fantastic guitar work. Album opener ‘Dopamine’ has a gorgeous solo (and some echo/delay fun too!) and the drumming in the schizophrenic ‘Do Right’ is not only decisive but equally gorgeous.

‘Stir so slow’ finds Milk Maid tapping both the psychedelic groove and the dreamy pop groove, with a deft hand at the fader controls. It’s a sweet moment, a true highlight in this collection. There’s even a little acoustic ditty (‘New Plans’), where the only distortion is the slightly ethereal vocals. Album closer ‘No Goodbye’ has less spacey vocals and feels like the perfect bookend, starting in a completely different sound.

Now that the weather seems to be warming up, Mostly No could offer a few hits for your outdoor parties/road trips/BBQs. ‘Summertime’ is a swell tune, catchy and poppy, but still sporting a searing solo, ‘Bad Luck’ starts a campfire with feedback, delivering a sweet arpeggio and ‘Old trick’ is the one you want to slow dance to.

On that same interview we did, Cohen said “There’s always a time when you get too panicky about a song but you need to accept how they come.”Mostly No is Milk Maid polishing their sound, knowing the journey has just started.

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