Stream: Wot Gorilla? – …And then there were three… / Skiddaw


Tuesday is the February of the week. This is not up for debate.

Wot Gorilla? are wonderful dealers of Math Rock. This is not for debate either.

Just fresh off the oven, ‘…and then there were three…’ is a gentle reminder of the industrial strength of Wot Gorilla?’s intricate web of riffs, drumming and shushed vocals. The pacing can be urgent, almost manic and then flip over to a dreamier state, where thoughts float endlessly into the night.

‘Skiddaw’ lets the fiercer side of Wot Gorilla? flourish. No time for levitations, this is high rolls, barrel dives and wotan weaves. Brushing from time to time into the more technical flavour of metal, ‘Skiddaw’ is Wot Gorilla? at their rawest (and possibly finest!)

Words: Sam J. Valdés López.

Wot Gorilla? Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Website. Facebook. Twitter.

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