A lo-fi dessert

Sophie Mac  – Apples EP

Play a song while you read the review!

The Skinny: An impromptu session in a living room. You bring the wine.

The review proper: Pretty much what you it says in the tin: “a live recording in a living room with borrowed equipment and a cup of tea”. Sounds like a plan.

A lo-fi plan, that is, as the sound is very roomy, adding to the charm of the songs. Lyrics-wise, it’s focused on common antifolk themes, mostly about relationships of the bittersweet flavour (see ‘Christopher’).

With lyrics like “Your girlfriend she’s so beautiful and nice/ you go hand in hand through Soho / drinking coffee and reading Vice” followed by “I could never be part of your new strange world”, you know that there is anger seeping through, just instead of being screamed through, it’s delivered in a calm, almost wistful voice.

‘I will not sing for you’ is the gem of an ender, probably my fave. The guitar is sparsely strummed while a few lyrical daggers and olive branches. If this doesn’t make sense, then, basically, you’ve never been in love. It’s a love/hate song in a very lo-fi fashion (dig that hum in the back). You clicked the stream to listen to it, right? If not, CLICK.  Not now, but give yourself a chance.

A very short EP (ten minutes, if that) of very quiet music, antifolk lyrics and a dreamy voice.  But don’t listen to me and check this album in Bandcamp (links section, just below!).


About the author: Home recording. Don’t knock it ’til ya try it.


Bandcamp. Free song. Label.

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