Blood Sport – Life in Units


Opening with ‘The Woodcutter‘, Blood Sport’s Life in Units album bursts from my speakers blowing a tweeter (thanks) and I have my first taste of a band that are new to me so I am glad to hear what The Jungle Telegraph has been raving about. Distorted vocals bring to mind a Dalek on acid but this is no bad thing.

From the start, the listener knows these gentlemen are going to push back some boundaries. Juddering beats and electronic bleeps and crackles bounce around in a slightly menacing manner. The beat goes on ‘Palomar’ and ‘20202016 VIP’ feel as though they have been ripped out of a South African township and been experimented on in some mad scientist’s laboratory. So much so David Byrne would not be unhappy. Guitars growl while the hypnotic rhythm track allows spacey reverb treated vocals to slide in. Clever stuff.

‘Dolla Make Me Holla’ is massive as choppy guitars and sinister percussion drive the tune on while ‘Percolater’ is insane! The final track is a ten minute epic ‘Dry Water’, a rambling almost techno psychedelic trip flows into unknown territory ebbing flowing with those guitars wheeling and chopping away in perpetual motion.

From the opening moments of Life in Units, it is obvious that this is a well thought out concept avoiding the pitfalls of over production and over complication. There is a hypnotic sensory overload, and like a mouthful of space dust, the music explodes in your brain!

Superb stuff, highly recommended.

Words: Keefy

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