Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge

The problem with varied line-ups is not the lack of cohesiveness, but predicting the response from the public. It was a semi-cold Friday in Sheffield and Bungalows and Bears was teeming with people. Continue reading “Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge”

Interview – The Twilight Sad

One of our all time fave bands is The Twilight Sad. Between the great lyrical work and an ever evolving sound that mutates from release to release, it’s like finding the right author and relishing on the books released, each one brimming with atmosphere and strong emotions.  Continue reading “Interview – The Twilight Sad”

Come to my pod

Cats:for:Peru + Zapp Brannigan @ Sheffield Hallam Hubs, Pod A

A gusty Wednesday brought me to the Sheffield Hallam’s Hubs, that strange maze of party rooms, bars and never-ending binges.

Below, people massed to see some football match between squads I have no knowledge of. Music first, sports later.

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Politics = Apocalypse

Grails – Deep Politics

The skinny: Jekyll and Hyde.

The review proper: Another Grails‘ corker of an album.

Stream – ‘Deep Politics’

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Interview – Electric Six

I have a funny story with Electric Six. I can’t stand their most-known hit (you know which one) as it got overplayed (and I still say it’s Jack White doing the voices) ’til repetition-saturation point. One fine day, I got Señor Smoke because it was cheap, it had a Queen cover (just go with it) and I needed a laugh. I loved the album, so much that I went and bought Fire and everything afterwards. In less than 1 year, I was an acolyte of the band and their skewed humour.

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A violent dream

The skinny: Dense atmospheres with a banshee wail.

The review proper: Yeah, I like it a lot.  So beware, a gushing follows after the jump.

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Interview – Murder By Death

Murder by Death are a terrific band from Indiana, USA, who specialise in a species of alt-country with some cinematic undertones. All their albums are dense, dripping with atmosphere and most them have an unifying narrative (The Devil in Mexico, Weird Western, etc). We got out resident freak/spammer Sam to send them an email filled with questions, as he became a fan since he reviewed their recent album, Good Morning Magpie and worked his way through the band’s back catalogue…

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Interview – The Monicans

The Monicans is one of those bands I’ve heard a lot about from other bands in Sheffield, sort of a band’s band. Their psychedelic, seedy music is pretty rocking and talking with them was quite fun. Check out this rather strange conversation, with a rather weird joke which went nowhere (my fault, really).

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The metamorphosis of a band

Wheatus – Pop, songs & death: Vol. 2 – The Jupiter EP

The Skinny: Progeatus!

The Review proper: “In the words of the Virgin Mary: Come again?”

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