New Music: Dig Nitty – Small Curd

August, the tail end of the summer. Long gone are the warm days and Autumn is now around the corner. The days are getting shorter and a cool wind turns into a fierce gales, with the loud rumbles of distant thunder warning of the upcoming storm.

Welcom to Dig Nitty and their groovy lo-fi jam, ‘Small Curd’. Inspired by “self-sabotage and fear”, Erin McGrath wrote about those two elements feeding a neverending loop that spirals out from yourself into your relationships with the others.

Having had the privilege of listening to Reverse of Mastery, their upcoming album, I can heartily recommend this band. Honest, never understated, and straight from the heart.

Reverse of Mastery drops September 18th on Exploding in Sound Records. Pre-order available on Bandcamp.

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