New Music: Dig Nitty – Small Curd

August, the tail end of the summer. Long gone are the warm days and Autumn is now around the corner. The days are getting shorter and a cool wind turns into a fierce gales, with the loud rumbles of distant thunder warning of the upcoming storm. Welcom to Dig Nitty and their groovy lo-fi jam, ‘Small Curd’. Inspired by “self-sabotage and fear”, Erin McGrath wrote … Continue reading New Music: Dig Nitty – Small Curd

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Pile hitting the road…

[youtube] The wonderful noise peddlers, Pile, have a couple of announcements: -They are recording a new album this year. Tracking begins in September. -They are on tour, the US dates are: July 21 – Everybody Hits (Philadelphia, PA) July 22 – Mahall’s (Cleveland, OH – HELLO CLEVELAND!) July 23 – Subterranean (DOWNSTAIRS) (Chicago, IL) July 24 – Wicker Park Fest (Chicago, IL) August 11 – Lilypad … Continue reading Pile hitting the road…

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SXSW Diaries – One fine Thursday at Todd’s Mansion…

The banner at Todd’s Mansion.

Note/Warning: My proper reviews for SXSW will be on La Pop Life and Gold Flake Paint soon(ish). For Sloucher, I’ll be posting diary-style stuff, mostly unedited (barring a few typos that had to go away, replaced by more typos. Most of these diaries were written late at night and honest to God, this is how they went. No clear cut narrative is intended, just general ramblings. Enjoy this Gonzo-style experiment. Continue reading “SXSW Diaries – One fine Thursday at Todd’s Mansion…”