Stream: Ultimate Painting – Bills


Every time I’m asked to describe Ultimate Painting, I tend to say “reflective.” I mean this in both meanings of the word. The thoughtful pace can help introspection a bit, while song meanings are more about what you see in them, just like the reflection in the mirror will yield each one a different result.

2014’s Ultimate Painting was loud in the right parts (‘Ten Street’) and 2015’s Green Lanes was an intimate affair, with ‘The Ocean’ being one of the defining moments of Ultimate Painting‘s short but well lived career. Dusk, their new album, is out on September on Trouble in Mind Records and a new song is making the rounds today.

‘Bills’ takes a more krautrock approach, think Neu-powered psychedelic pop, whizzing through fields of poppies and toloache plants.

Dusk is out September 30th, on Trouble in Mind Records. 

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Ultimate Painting Website. Twitter. Facebook.

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