Video: Sur Back – Trophy Daughter


Dark, foggy nights on this warm summer night. The city’s cacophony  is a pandemonium today. It’s the holiday season and a myriad rented cars chokehold the city’s arteries. Still, I walk home, humming along. A song bounces with a trip hop demeanor, glitching from time to time as I feel the pavement sink and rise with each step.

It’s a long road back home and I know for sure it’ll be a difficult one, but I’m optimistic it’ll be worth it.

Sur Back’s brand new EP (and eagerly awaited – at least by me!). Kitsch, will be out on July 1st. ‘Trophy Daughter’ is the first single and fully lays out Sur Back‘s city drenched chamber pop sensibilities.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Sur Back Tumblr. Facebook. Soundcloud. Website. Twitter.

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