New Music: Sur Back, Adi Carter, Polaris Rose, URSS bajo el árbol, Solanas’ Sons


Hello there! Here’s a few new tracks for your listening pleasure. Several genres, several paths, choose your own adventure!

Been hearing some good stuff about Sur Back this year and her newest track ‘Occam’s Razor’, from her Kitsch album, keeps her sound evolving into dark fantasy territories.

Adi Carter brings back the sounds of yore with ‘1980’, a very Carpenter-ish track that even gets a cool remix by Tommy Vicari Jnr. You can preorder it from Bandcamp, and while you wait, why not read our interview with him?

URSS bajo el árbol celebrated their quinquennial with the release of a spiffy video for ‘Derrócrata’, from their album 7,

The new video for LA‘s Polaris Rose, ‘Cityscapes’ is out now and brings a math rock sensibility to their indie rock, paraded in the grimy neon lit streets of the Grey Beast.

Recent escapees from Old Pig Farm‘s musical lab, Solanas’ Sons belt out an indie track called ‘Rolling Around’, made for those who love wearing their Sheffield Tuxedos while walking the drizzled out streets of Ol’ Steely.


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