Review: Os Noctambulos – Corsica Garden


Listening to Corsica Garden made me laugh and made me cry. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well in my early years, my constant companion was a tiny transistor radio with an ear-piece (no stereo in those days). The radio was hidden under my pillow and in the depths of the dark early 1960’s night I could pick up Pirate Radio and Radio Luxembourg, listening until I would fall asleep and wake with a signal hum ringing in my ears.

Although the signal would fade in and out with the weather conditions or the strength of the battery, my young ears were filled with garage rock, rock and roll, blues and jazz. So listening to the latest release from Os Noctambulos took me back in time with those emotions. Twangy guitar, all reverb and fuzz, vocals with attitude, throbbing bass and uncomplicated songs.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a bad thing. Yes, the band wears those Nuggets influences proudly on their sleeves but why not when you can do it this good?
From the word go be in no doubt that this is quality garage psychedelia .Uncomplicated stripped down FREAKBEAT that cannot help to put a smile on your face. From the opening bars of ‘Forever you’ are in no doubt that this is classic Garage/Surf. Even a Dick Dale-ish instrumental ‘Polly’ helps to complete that authentic feel. From The West Coast via Sheffield and Paris!

Corsica Garden may have its roots in the past but the album is fresh as a daisy.
Buy it. 5 /5.

Words: Keefy

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