Review: Sun Glitters – Fading Days


Victor Ferreira a.k.a. Sun Glitters uses the full extent of his armoury on this excellent new EP. The signature panning and fading is prevalent in abundance and the sound mix is full leaving you submerged in a bed of fuzz.

Add to this the introduction of vocal samples, a new departure for Ferreira and you have what can only be described as a dream-like haze. At no time does Fading Days fall into the trap of boring repetition and, for me, the title track ‘Fading Days’ is the stand out work. Spacious and relaxed, the
melody grooves while multiple synths pulse away happily. In a similar vein, the final track ‘Here it comes’ builds in intensity and draws you in.

Repeated listening reveal subtle tone and mood shifts that complete the picture. Fading Days is a very decent offering and will make good listening as summer fades away (see what I did there?)

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Words: Keith How

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