Menace Beach – Lowtalker

I’ve been listening to ‘Lowtalker’ for a few weeks now as it’s well over a month since it was released…and it’s grown on me, perfectly. When I first heard it, I though, oo…this sounds like Wavves…don’t get me wrong, I love Wavves but it somewhat put me off as I thought another band that will brag about getting high – never before have I been so wrong! Menace beach are radical and their sound is devine. Winner!

The first track off of the EP, ‘Cheerleader’ is a controlled jumble of chords which fit together like a nice jam sandwich. The layered vocals of the male and female voice gel and it has a dreamlike feel to it which consequently, is a main feature of the EP…this track is a good opener, but what gets my attention most of all is the second track, ‘Fortune Teller’. I like the funfair effect it has to it, it reminds me of summertime happiness and candyfloss. Also, I’d like to mention female vocalist, Liza Violet, core! She has a quirky voice…I know that is such an overused statement now, but man. I like its husky lull of angelicness – if you get me?. It captivates me and something which I admire a great deal from Menace Beach.  ‘Honolulu’, the third track is interesting, I don’t like it as much as the previous two, but the bass is tones are elongated and smooth – this track seems to break up the E as the fourth track, ‘Nervous’, involves more guitar and less of the dreamy psychedelic edginess which we have been exposed to…but holy hell I love the final track, ‘Where I Come From’ is defiantly my cup of tea (which would be Yorkshire tea may I just add). It’s groovy and incredibly pretty in its deliverance. Once again the vocals gel and the changes in pitch are exciting and soothing to the ears.

Menace beach, the group of the unknown number of band members…ha ha. Are ones to watch out for. GET ON THAT. 

Words: Catriona Chadderton 

Menace Beach: Website. Facebook. 

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