Cat’s Bedroom Jams 2


Yo, I haven’t made a playlist in a loooong time…so I thought why not eh?

Making playlists are really fun, shoving a load of your favorite tracks into one long SUPERTRACK what’s not to love…Well, until you decide to make the playlist public and then listening to Aquas Barbie Girl isn’t so cool anymore…Anyway, don’t worry, I haven’t added it into this playlist…yet ;)

Each track is a flavour into my mind (spooky) I guess. Well, saying that, it’s kind of awkward when I’ve got Danny Brown’s ‘Smokin’ & Drinkin” in it…but never mind, moving swiftly on.

I hope you enjoy this mash up. Until next time…*stegosaurus dance* tar tar for now.

Catriona Chadderton

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