Their / They’re / There – Analog Weekend EP



Their / They’re / There are set to release their second EP, Analog Weekend on Monday. The three track EP is full of sound effects, mathy twinkles and reverbs which I’m sure is unsurprising. Thank God they haven’t changed in any dramatic way. Being a Kinsella fan myself, I sometimes wonder, will I ever tire of their distinctive sound? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Their / They’re / There are different to American football and Owen, they’re actually happy! The trio create this somewhat ‘uplifting’ music, and yes, Analog Weekend is no exception.

‘Curtain Call’, the first track off the EP has some lovely melodies weaved into the underbelly which I admire. Although there is an attack to the track, it has this element of elegance which moves swiftly into sound effects of something I can only describe as being the sound of a TV being tuned. I guess this works. It does feel somewhat out of place however, but I can see the use for it. It breaks the EP up, heck it is only three tracks long, why not?

Second track, ‘New Blood’ is a very emotionally joyful track. Starting off with a mash of different time signatures, it grabs the heart strings with the lyrics “you and I alone“. I like how the lyrics tell a story, but don’t shove the story down your throat. Almost like saying: “I will tell you a story but you will be able to relate it to your life and not mine.” I like that. I think it is important to comment on the lyrics and how the different Kinsella bands make you feel, purely due to the fact that they give off such a vibe, be it sadness, happiness or confusion about life in general. And sometimes all three at the same time. Ahh…that TV tuning again at the end of the track, this one seems to be a little less hard of the ears.

‘Travellers Insurance’, the third and final track off the EP, incorporates a second vocalist which gives it an extra layer. This track is a build-up of noises, a build up of changes, rhythms and dynamics which I guess if everything that Their / They’re / There are about. I do see the relevance to the sound effects at the end of each track now; it is a good end for the EP, almost like the instruments and emotions are cooling down back to normal, not just stopping dead.

Their / They’re / There excite me. This EP excites me. I do like a bit of the old Kinsella.

Words: Catriona Chedderton

Their / They’re / There Website. Facebook.

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