Free stuff: 65daysofstatic, Amber, Antlered Man

Hello, it’s Wednesday and it’s the February of the week, so here’s a couple of tracks to help you take it easy (like The Eagles said):


Nottingham- HQed Amber are giving away ‘Little Ghost’ before storming Reading & Leeds this weekend. Give it a listen and if you likey, add it to your burgeoning collection.

The quintet have an EP out called Noah, if you like what you heard, you can check the rest:

65days - Wild Light artwork

65daysofstatic have been riding the wave of awesomeness. Their Tramlines performance was ecstatic and their brand new album, Wild Light, promises to be another change of skin for the multifaceted band. Prisms, sporting a trippy 3D video, is being given away for free by the band.

If you see them, buy an album and give them a hug (consensual only, though). You can preorder Wild Light here.

Antlered Man 2013

Don’t be fooled by the Daria like “meh” the lil’ boy in this single cover sports, as Antlered Man are everything but boring.

Antlered Man is back with This Devil Is Them a nifty new album in October 14th. Their tour schedule looks like:

Tue 24 Sep – London, Xfm presents at The Barfly
Fri 01 Nov – Milton Keynes, The Craufurd Arms
Sat 02 Nov – Nottingham, Rock City
Mon 04 Nov – Southampton, Avendel House
Tue 05 Nov – Bristol, The Louisiana
Wed 06 Nov – Birmingham, The Flapper
Thu 07 Nov – Hull, Fruit
Fri 08 Nov – Norwich, Open Live
Sat 09 Nov – Leicester, Lock 42
Sun 10 Nov – Sheffield, Corporation

And that’s it, I’m Orestes P. Xistos and these were the news at 10.

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