Podcast – Rosolio Dischordial

This week’s Radio Chaneque mix is a mix of dissonant rock, past and present, with bands who embraced odd time signatures with punk, metal, math and even a bit of psychedelic feelings.

Lend your attention to these 18 bands, who crank it up when needed or play it soft when they plan to suckerpunch you. This podcast is dedicated to Smithereens & The Chapman Family, two great bands that never disappointed me. Even bigger dedication to the memory of Jason Noble.

Now, turn the volume up and enjoy these bands:

Shiner – The criminally underrated genius of Allen Epley and cohorts, opening the stage with panache.

Shiner Facebook. Tumblr. Twitter.  Last.fm.

Chavez – They will never go gold, not even aluminum, but they paved the way. Matt Sweeney is still tripping.

Chavez Last.fm. Myspace.

Rodan – The mighty Colossus that not many heard of, but once you are in his domain, you will never forget. In loving memory of Jason Noble.

Rodan Facebook. Myspace. Last.fm.

Helmet – Page Hamilton, odd tunings and a lot of bravado. Easily a pioneer in the crossover territory of loud-but-melodic stuff, his legacy granite solid.

Helmet Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Cmn ineed yr hlp – A more recent addition, their most recent EP goes for the “concept album” route and survives. Songs about a sea monster in captivity? I’m sold.

Cmn ineed yr hlp Website. Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Last. fm.

Hum – Because they managed to take us into space with the power of distortion and broken hearts and we still love them dearly.

Hum Last.fm

Failure – The mad genius of this band is perfectly captured by their album Fantastic Planet (on my top 3 of the 90s.) Seedy, loud and slightly deranged space rock for the soul.

Failure Myspace. Last.fm.

The Shipping News – A Louisville monster, which took a big hit last year with the untimely passing of the Noblest of Jasons. Miss them dearly but their legacy lives on.

The Shipping News Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Last.fm. Bandcamp. Spotify.

Castor – Enough talent to keep us in orbit. Goes rather well with a dash of National Skyline and a Hum chaser. Post Rock? Too astral for that term!

Castor Last.fm.

Frodus – True story: I played And we washed our weapons in the sea to a friend last weekend. She thought it was a recent album. That’s how ahead of their time were the posthardcore webs of this band.

Frodus Website. Tumblr. Last.fm. Twitter. Bandcamp. Facebook.

Two Inch Astronaut – Want something new and ass kicking? These compadres have you covered. Stop hitting walls and headbang to this!

Two Inch Astronaut Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Last.fm.

Ovlov – Of course they had to be here. One of the best albums of this year, catch them while they are still relatively unknown and brag to your friends. Top band!

Ovlov Tumblr. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.

Victims Athletic – Who? A recent band, with enough attitude to play it hard and enough energy to jump ’til their plimsolls fall apart. That’s who.

Victims Athletic Soundcloud. Facebook. Bandcamp.

Speedy Ortiz – We are all over the moon (and back) with this band. Press is catching up too and the hype is well deserved. Join in, they don’t bite and love books!

Speedy Ortiz Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Livejounal.

June of 44 – Don’t you know them? Relax, you will and you will fear them later. Pioneers and visionaries who never go their due. Jeff Mueller of Rodan and Shipping News was part of this.

June of 44 Facebook. Last.fm.

Helium – Quick: name a female fronted 90s band that embodies the era? Join Mary Timony, an unsung genius, and her wonderful band, Helium.

Helium Last.fm.

Dating Myself  – So, did they travel in time, Bill & Ted style and reappear with the 90s in tape form? Or are they a mysterious group of recluses that hid in a recording studio for 17 years, recording and toking? Find out yourself (warning: requires flannel.)

Dating Myself Bandcamp. Facebook. Tumblr.

The Suicide Dolls – Punk will never die, it will get old but wise and whatever energy dissipates will be more than made up with a perfected sonic style.

The Suicide Dolls Bandcamp. Twitter. Myspace. Facebook.

Bumpers courtesy of G2 Studios (now Old Pig Farm) and Sheffield‘s own Smithereens, who always delivered on stage.




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