Looking back at: Shiner – Starless

  Editor’s note: We are big on Space Rock in this Shithole of a Website (TM). It’s probably the combination of shoegaze emotions and posthardcore sensibilities that make this genre such a joy to listen to. Hum, Failure, Castor, The Life and Times, Shiner, Withershins, Centaur, Vast Robot Armies, Withershins, Gazelle, National Skyline…you name ’em, we love ’em. When we heard that Shiner was re-releasing 2000’s Starless, our wallets … Continue reading Looking back at: Shiner – Starless

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Podcast – Rosolio Dischordial

This week’s Radio Chaneque mix is a mix of dissonant rock, past and present, with bands who embraced odd time signatures with punk, metal, math and even a bit of psychedelic feelings.

Lend your attention to these 18 bands, who crank it up when needed or play it soft when they plan to suckerpunch you. This podcast is dedicated to Smithereens & The Chapman Family, two great bands that never disappointed me. Even bigger dedication to the memory of Jason Noble.

Now, turn the volume up and enjoy these bands: Continue reading “Podcast – Rosolio Dischordial”

Interview – The Life and Times

The Life and Times. Legends. 

A few years ago, a group of scientists recorded the sound of stars (really!). The technique called stellar seismology gives us a sound and that sound describes what the star is made from. It’s a sound that pulsates and stays with you.

So is also the sounds that The Life and Times gives us in every release. Called space rock (a term thrown around by several fans – specially us), their music is quite dynamic and atmospheric, where every instrument has a clear cut voice perfectly enveloping each other, like twine.

We had the pleasure of reviewing their latest offering, No one loves you like I do (review) and even better, we managed to get much cherished interview with Allen Epley (guitars/vocals). Without any further ado, here it is…

Continue reading “Interview – The Life and Times”