Podcast – Rosolio Dischordial

This week’s Radio Chaneque mix is a mix of dissonant rock, past and present, with bands who embraced odd time signatures with punk, metal, math and even a bit of psychedelic feelings.

Lend your attention to these 18 bands, who crank it up when needed or play it soft when they plan to suckerpunch you. This podcast is dedicated to Smithereens & The Chapman Family, two great bands that never disappointed me. Even bigger dedication to the memory of Jason Noble.

Now, turn the volume up and enjoy these bands: Continue reading “Podcast – Rosolio Dischordial”

Interview – Shipping News

Shipping news. Source: Shipping News Facebook

Shipping News are a band from Louisville, Kentucky. Their sound is equal parts post rock, punk and hardcore elements. Last year, they released a monster of an album called One less heartless to fear (shameless plug – review) and we loved it quite a bit. Since we (Tonan & Sam) are unabashed fans of the band, we managed to cajole an email interview with them. They are Jason Noble (guitar/voice), Jeff Mueller (guitar/voice), Kyle Crabtree (drums) and Todd Cook (bass) and they make a very cathartic sound when they take the stage…

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Wake up to… The Shipping News (slightly remixed)

I love The Shipping News. They’ve done one of the most visceral, punchier albums I’ve heard recently, the brutal One less heartless to fear ( review). Besides having a bassist with a magic knack for doing killer basslines (proof – Bad Eve), they also are from the fabled Louisville, Kentucky, a town so laidback it didn’t tarred and feathered neither Cameron Crowe nor Orlando Bloom … Continue reading Wake up to… The Shipping News (slightly remixed)

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