Video Round Up: Hey Sholay, Vuvuvultures, Sin Fang, Mary Alouette, Wax Fang, Dead Leaf Echo, Dominique Pruitt

Howdy ho, this is yer obligatory, PR-pleasin’, stalker-sharin’  video “round up” and this is associate editor, Orestes P. Xistos. acknowledges (bitterly) that you have options to see videos. We are grateful for your kind preference.

Oh, videos, right:

Hey Sholay have a new EP out in June 6th, called Cloud, Castle, _______. It’s swell and orange (like Kia-Ora!) and this lovely track is the first single. Gosh! Incidentally, orange and blue is the combination of winners. Discuss.

The lovely Vuvuvultures have an album coming out later this year (July!) and the band is off to get some caipirinha’s in Brazil. I’m jealous because I was left behind in Sheffield while the head honcho of this shithole of a website (TM) is in México. Right, Vuvuvultures’ ‘Safe Skin’ is catchy and poppy; an easy going stroll on a sunny June afternoon. Enjoy this:

It’s electronica-day here, apparently, as the lovely Sin Fang track,  ‘What’s Wrong With Your Eyes’, has that digital beat well guarded by swells and big chords. Like a flickering nickelodeon show, the video is a short but sweet piece of proper pop.

More electronic stuff, you sayeth? Sure! Mary Alouette mixes a bit of ambient with a lot of vocal harmonies in this chilled down trip called ‘Angel’, which also sports paint, glitter and a fantastic ending. But why would you listen to me, a heavily caffeinated bovine when you could just watch the Ellie Lotan directed video?

So Terry Gilliam, Peter Gabriel and a Chroma Key Screen walk into a bar in Louisville. They somehow drink the place dry and mix together, like that Gestalt thing from that Theodore Sturgeon book. The result? The odd but charming video by Wax Fang, ‘The Blonde Leading the Blonde’

You know the one genre we love at Sloucher? It’s called shoegaze and if you don’t like it, hand over your reverb pedal at the exit, knave! Dead Leaf Echo are quite deft at weaving intricate ditties deeply rooted in the genre and their brand new track, ‘Kingmaker’, should be in every discerning fan collection.

Gosh, I love this band. You know what else I love? Brooklyn. Ed Burns’ “BROOKLYN” military jacket in Saving Private Ryan made the film tolerable.

But wait, there’s more!

It’s Dominique Pruitt‘s ‘He’s got it bad’, a classy throwback to a long gone era of vanilla coke, drive ins and icee slurpees. Get the Dapper Dan gel (“how’s mah hair??”), jump into a convertible (preferrably yours) and sway while listening to this track. If you fancy this one, check her Bandcamp.

And that’s it. Ta.


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