Alright the Captain – Conversational skills for the socially anxious


Alright The Captain recently released their new 5 track EP, Conversational skills for the socially anxious, and it’s wicked! Filled with distortion, head banging epicness and seductive tones, you’re in for a treat. First track ‘Bolognese Holiday’ (who came up with these titles?) starts off with an atmospheric crescendo of space travel which builds up to meaty riffs.

I like the way the three piece add layers upon layers, making the track almost surreal in its execution. Second track, ‘Snake Tits’, comes into light with it’s gentle guitar tones which ripple and wash over you as you feel yourself escape into a land were only you can go when very hi…what’s this? More madness! Who could ever say that Alright The Captain were easy listening? The track is very bassy, well, all the tracks are, but this one in particular, I have to hold my stomach to makes sure that it doesn’t fall out. Imagine this live? I’m nervous just thinking about it!

Third track ‘Lynn Campion’ has bit of a different start, no build ups, no distortion but pure guitar. Glorious. The distinctive sound of Alright The Captain comes across through in what ever they decide to throw at us, which is cool. This track could possibly be a favourite off Conversational skills for the socially anxious, it’s just so different adding calm grooves with bass and cymbals it sounds like you’re listening to two different tracks at the same time which fit so well together. The fourth track though, is a contrast, instead of layers you’ve got chunks of different sections slotted together, which is kind different as it sounds so clean and polished, I was expected some lunacy! Thinking about it, the whole EP sounds so clear in its madness, you’ve definitely got a talented bunch on your hands.

The fifth and final track on this EP, ‘Hurt Burger ‘, is a little calmer than the rest, but when is Alright The Captain ever calm? The riffs in this are twinkly, which add to the spacey sound which is created across in this EP. Definitely to my cup of tea. Although mad and crazy, Conversational skills for the socially anxious is awesome and you should definitely grace your ears with the trio’s hard work.

‘Conversational skills for the socially anxious’ oh if only!

Words: Cat Keller

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