The Road to Live at Leeds 2013 – Maybeshewill, Wild Swim, Sky Larkin, Post War Glamour Girl and Pins



As we mentioned before, Live at Leeds 2013 looks to be quite a treat and although we are still waiting for a complete, final line-up announced (we might have been embargoed- Cuba-style!), here’s a couple of bands we are looking forward to catch live:


Post War Glamour Girls are both dreamy and menancing; a cascade of emotions carrying over that emotional luggage that you try to keep under the surface. Enjoy ‘Ode to Harry Dean’, stay for the rest.

Sky Larkin might not fill the hole that Rilo Kiley left in our souls, but it was never their role to take. Instead, they soar like feathers over the land of Indie. Here’s hoping the new album is not too far.

Want some swaying dreampop with some mathy time signatures? Wild Swim got your back:

Pins peddle some dark, slightly sensual brand of dark rock, for those walking the dark gennels wondering where it all go wrong. It might be the bottle in your hand or the pulpy novel. It matters not, the music is splendiferous.

Maybeshewill – A band that won me over with a song that references my fave Cameron Crowe film, this band is cinematic, in all senses:

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