Preview : Tramlines 2012

Hey, hoooooo, away we gooo!

It’s that time of year! Here’s a list of recommendations we have compiled for you, in handy PDF form (with terrible boring fonts and a missing bracket), for you to print.

It has suggested bands for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and an emphasis on some side events that we thoroughly support.

Print it double sided, so you can fold it.  The PDF might be weird if read in certain mobile devices. To those devices we say: what’s your beef with compatibility?


Sloucher_Print_Tramlines 2012 – Recommended Bands

Suggestions come courtesy of our writers, some twitter followers, promoters and the bands too! Download it and see!

There are loads more bands, check the official announcements (or the official programme) to see all your options.

Now, we do have a few recommendations for you (this is just a cheap copy paste of the first page, I know) :

  • Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School: PRISM and Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School are collaborating with Museums Sheffield to do a very special night on Friday 20th. An alternative drawing session with local artists selected by PRISM, the Anti-Art School will also have live music (Mad Colours & Splashh). A classy* way to start your Tramlines experience. *#Pork in limited amount. Event website.
  • The Busker Bus: Departing from The Hop in Devonshire Green (that’s the Main Stage), you can take this double decker bus to two different destinations. The bus includes bands doing acoustic songs. We recommend catching Screaming Maldini, The Payroll Union, Firesuite and Cats:For:Peru, but then again, catch any band, it’s a lovely experience (and reminds me of México City’s own buskers!).
  • The Folk Forest: A 2 day event in Endcliffe Park. Take the Busker Bus route for this. It’s a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, with the relaxed environment of Endcliffe Park. We need to recommend you catch The Payroll Union, Joe Banfi, Big Eyes Family Players and Louis Romégoux. More info at their Facebook event page.
  • Signals Festival: A one day special on Saturday 21st of July. If you fancy great electronica and want to learn more about the industry, get yourself down to Yellow Arch Studios. Panels, sessions and sets will also be awaiting. Our choice cuts are: Borland, Veí, From the Kites of San Quenting, The Black Dog, Objekt & Drumro[ll]. Take the Real Ale and Blues route of the Busker Bus for this one. More info at their website and Facebook.

What’s that? You’d like to have a print-friendly list of bands we recommend with their stage times AND venues? We’ve created this PDF…hey, this is like deja-vú…

Sloucher_Print_Tramlines 2012 – Recommended Bands

Keep up to date on Twitter too! We suggest you follow these accounts:

Tramlines (official organisers)

Signals (All about this event)

Twamlines (live reviews, via tweets)

Emily Brinnand (ace journalist)

Busker Bus (news about line-ups in the double decker bus)

Vintage Underground (a vintage event during Tramlines)


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