Tramlines 2012 : More suggested bands

We don’t get it always right, sometimes there’s a few hiccups in the lines of communication and sometimes you just run out of space. Don’t take it personally, it’s not about your hair.

Here are a few more bands we thoroughly endorse: 

Friday 20: 

  • The Bedford Incident –  7 PM, The Viper Rooms. RSVP.

Saturday 21: 

  • Early Cartographers – 1 PM, Weston Park Bandstand. RSVP. After that incident when a John Deere Gator cart destroyed the Bandstand in late March, Early Cartographers will grace this stage with their epic folk.
  • The Hosts – Library Theatre. The classier side of rock and blues.

Sunday 22: 

  • Early Cartographers – 7 PM, The Riverside. RSVP.
  • Burleskimo – 4 PM, Weston Park Bandstand. RSVP. We enjoyed their show at Peace in the Park 2012 and we hope you do too. Funky hip hop!
  •  House VS Home. The Nottingham-borne promoters take over the Red House – all 1,100 acres of it. All day event. RSVP.

This will include some interesting acts like :

  • MJ Hibbett and the Validators, who released a great album about dinosaurs from space…and it got ignored. Although we did review it. And a single too!
  • The Sweet Nothings: Folk with absurdism and politics thrown together. Best taken with a grain of salt.
  • August Actually: Sea shanties in folk form, jumping back and forth as a ship swaying in a storm.
  • Lorna: Haunting Lo-Fi pop, a slightly sobering act throwing a curve ball. Pay attention, because they will make you understand heavy metal.

  • Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement: Alternative Indie that once cause one of our reviewers to throw a befuddled look. It also caused a major fight between the camp defending the actual Mexican Independence Movement and the one that says it was just a a never ending fight that still rages on. Political stalemate, good music.
  • Nordenfelt: Indie pop for the Steam Punk generation that prefers the glockenspiel to the differential engine. They chose right!
  • Fall Forwards: Dream Pop from that lil’ town in the South where a baker burnt a whole alley (and then the neighbourhood).
  • Aqualassie & The Sky Pumas: The sounds from that ghetto blaster with 80s mixtapes that got left in the rain. Pop has grown up and enjoys joyriding.
  • Vom Vorton: The day has to end at some day and it’s this band telling us that the future is disappointing (but their show isn’t).

What else have we missed? Shitloads! Feel free to recommend us more (do include a Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Myspace link, please) and we will update this post (Internet connection willing…). Comments are free, so go go go…


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