The Payroll Union – Club60

The ending of Sensoria festival was a right old delight with The Payroll Union doing their stuff at Club 60. In the underbelly of Sheffield, this trio peddled their flavour of Americana, deeply enrichened by history-fact heavy lyrics.

Starting with ‘Jake the Pistol’, an ode to John Wilkes Booth‘s deeds, the band completely dominated, with a lot of banter with a member of the public that might have or not sneakily exchanged beers with lead singer Pete David.

Song selection was inclined towards newer ditties than the tried and true hits. Songs from Your obedient servant (‘Jake the Pistol’, ‘Emily’, ‘General James Wolfe’) were well received and the newer stuff (‘South’, ‘Mary Lamson’, ‘Out of Missouri’, ‘Hard times’) is enticing, even if most of the tracks have their foot well planted in the darker spectre of sound. Except ‘Hard times’, which although lyrically being a lament, the catchy nature of the song invites people to dance as an affront to bad times.

It was a quick one. Only one band, offering a stark, cinematic vision of music that although never entirely gloomy, it wasn’t the cheeriest of affairs, but then again, history rarely is a happy subject. The band thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the public seemed quite satisfied with songs old and new.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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