30 days, 30 bands – #5 Black Cat White Cat

    6 years ago (!), obLong had a series of curated gigs at the ol’ drinkin’ hole, The Washington. The obLong  club nights had 3 to four bands performing live in the tiny ass (but intimate) stage at Washy. One of the best bands I saw during those gigs were Black Cat White Cat. What do they sound like? Imagine Dorothy from Wizard of Oz taking a gritty trip through the old quarter of a fishing town. An … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #5 Black Cat White Cat

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Tramlines 2012 – Guest review #2

Tramlines Festival 2012: Saturday 21st July

Saturday at Tramlines is always the main event and the day you can pack more into (not being at work and all). As the sun finally appeared, I made my way to the band stand in Weston Park to catch The Early Cartographers who, with their expansive line-up and multi-instrumental nature, were a good fit for a lunchtime slot on a sunny Saturday. They do have a dark side though, blinding several small children in ugly sweet-throwing scenes (joking, of course).  Continue reading “Tramlines 2012 – Guest review #2”