Review: Tom Baxendale – In The City a Short Time Ago

If you have your ear to the ground to Sheffield’s music scene, you know Tom Baxendale from The Payroll Union, a band he’s been gigging with since 2012. If you paid attention to the darker times of 2013, you might’ve seen him serenading the night away at The Great Gatsby, in the company of David J. Roch and Low Duo, in his previous band, The Rainy Day Club. 3 years later and The Great Gatsby’s music room … Continue reading Review: Tom Baxendale – In The City a Short Time Ago

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30 Bands, 30 Days – The Payroll Union

“Oh dear Jake, there are games in your head…” History repeats itself. History never dies. History is re-interpreted, re-imagined and re-told by countless people. Revisionism keeps our ideas on their toes, our views are challenged when lost documents resurface. And then there are the darker passages of history. Those that history classes gloss over. Yes, Jackson, I’m looking at you, you murderin’ bastard. Enter The Payroll … Continue reading 30 Bands, 30 Days – The Payroll Union

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Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Escuchad el presagio del Piano Man

Nota: Si el widget no funciona, escúchalo directo en Mixcloud o descarga la app para Android o IOs. Rebobinando: Siempre he sido partidario de buscar nuevos sonidos. Creo que desde la primaria nunca fui muy afecto a los que escuchaban los demás, por muchas razones, pero para este escrito dejémoslo en que siempre he sido un huraño que encuentra más “reciprocidad” en un playlist coqueto … Continue reading Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Escuchad el presagio del Piano Man

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Stream : The Payroll Union – Paris of America

Sheffield’s official providers of Gothic Americana, The Payroll Union, are back from the woods they camped out with a new track, ‘The mission field’, now streaming on Bandcamp: ‘The Mission Field’ is part of Paris of America, their new album, out on June 29, 2015, which is a day after the best day in the year (fact.) The Payroll Union create lyrics based on the … Continue reading Stream : The Payroll Union – Paris of America

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Band of the week – The Payroll Union

  History can be a tricky thing. It’s often referenced as “being written by the winners” but that ol’ bit of homespun knowledge overlooks how there’s always something more, a b-side to history’s greatest single. This is where the dark, American Gothic sounds of The Payroll Union come into play. The band’s history is akin to a travelling troupe that changes members during the first years of … Continue reading Band of the week – The Payroll Union

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Gig review: Johnny Dowd, The Payroll Union @ Greystones

Sitting in the Backroom of The Greystones, the words of a wiser man than I – Kurt Vonnegut – come to mind.

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: THE ONLY PROOF HE NEEDED FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD WAS MUSIC.”

The congregation of Americana has had much to ponder recently in what has been a time of reflection and soul-searching.

The previous week saw the 40th anniversary of the tragic passing of one of the genre’s prophets, Gram Parsons. Too young even to gain entry to the unenviable 27 Club, Parsons was a whirlwind, a trust-fund beneficiary who overcame the suspicions of an industry to pioneer his beloved ‘Cosmic American Music’, recording genre-defining records before that ill-fated night at The Joshua Tree Inn. Continue reading “Gig review: Johnny Dowd, The Payroll Union @ Greystones”

Podcast : Tramlines 2013 mix

It’s once more the time where Sheffield throws the house out of the window (i.e. going all out for the win, spare no expense, etc) and assembles some mighty musicians to do their magic for the pleasure of the honourable guest, the audience.

With the cornucopia of bands on display, you could struggle to choose where to start. Fret not! We have been going through the lists, times and received plenty of bribes to bring you this lil’ mix. 20 songs. 20 bands. 5 blocks of 4 bands who go quite well together.

Continue reading “Podcast : Tramlines 2013 mix”

The Payroll Union – Album Launch


As far as album launches go, you can never go wrong with an intimate and extremely packed gig like the one The Payroll Union had at Club 60. With their newest album, The Mule & The Elephant, the band crossed that hill from the EP valley to the LP plateau. Continue reading “The Payroll Union – Album Launch”

Tramlines 2012 – Guest review #2

Tramlines Festival 2012: Saturday 21st July

Saturday at Tramlines is always the main event and the day you can pack more into (not being at work and all). As the sun finally appeared, I made my way to the band stand in Weston Park to catch The Early Cartographers who, with their expansive line-up and multi-instrumental nature, were a good fit for a lunchtime slot on a sunny Saturday. They do have a dark side though, blinding several small children in ugly sweet-throwing scenes (joking, of course).  Continue reading “Tramlines 2012 – Guest review #2”