Singles Reviewed – Dead Sons, Ninetails, Finn Bonel, The Black Hats, In Golden Tears, Shibuya Crossings

Greetings, readers who know how to fold a burrito properly. Hook a brother up, please? Welcome to another edition of our “off again, off again, hey it’s on again!” single reviews column. Granted, some of them aren’t singles, but I liked them and made my stupid human collaborators review ’em. A huevo que sí. 

This week’s singles come courtesy of Pascualo Zindugüarapos, the guy who serves pork kebabs in Broomhill. They be awesome, yo! No, wait, they don’t sell pork kebabs in England. Dammit.

Ah, singles, right:

Dead Sons – Room 54 / The Execution of Lily Rose

Apocalyptic desert rockers o’doom (TM) Dead Sons have this lil’ track for you called ‘Room 54’. The screeching feedbacks lay out the dread-filled atmosphere before yielding to that frantic pace (percussionist Matthew Byrne must really enjoy playing this track). The guitar riffs are fun too, just the right dose of dissonance to unsettle you. The ending is abrupt and although you’ve been warned, you want to know what Lynch-ian horrors lie there.

‘The execution of Lily Rose’ is a curve ball. It’s more of a lamentation, with a dirge-like rhythm (think New Orleans funeral procession). Always a good moment to see a band taking a time and showing another side without going for a power ballad (please, don’t). Short and haunting. Shane rode into the distance with this. –Sam.

Ninetails – Blue bottle flu

Attitude and atmosphere. When mixed in the rights amount, not only do you get a punchy track, but also you might get kicked out of a crestfallen state and push forward. Fuck, this track makes me want to SHOVE back a lot of stuff. ‘Blue bottle flu’ is another fantastic track by Ninetails, with a bass slightly on the reggae side (always a great thing) and a those odd time signatures that deserve a well carried drumroll. More, chaps. Out on May 21st, but enjoy the little session from Soundcity. – Sam

Finn Bonel – Wedding Song

Holy shit! Pennywise! Sorry, I have a problem with clowns. Finn Bonel comes back with some happy strumming in this sweet song (is that a lil’ sitar I hear?). “Has she gone and love if you don’t love yourself”, ponders Crispin the clown in this sad tale involving clown-harassing and a lot of milk drinking (“milk was a bad choice!”). The ending is bittersweet, so I’m just gonna say it: move on, she’s not worth it. Cool ditty. – Orestes “P. is for sPiteful” Xistos.

The Black Hats – Kick in the doors

The Black Hats get their indie hats on and go to a pub to film a funny video. They also have this slightly pop punky song that’s so radio friendly it’s almost not good. But it is good, and enjoyable. Catchy chorus wants me to go and kick something, but I have enough ASBOs (and splinters) in me feet, so I’ll play bystander this time. – Orestes “P. is for Pint in a thin glass!” Xistos

In Golden Tears – Underneath the balance

Nice. Really nice. The gothic new wave sounds of In Golden Tears (from Germany with love) are present in ‘Underneath the balance’, a dark song that although never gloomy, it’s not a party track. Fantastic rhythm with the right amount of post-rock infused for the ones that love their soundscapes expansive, this is nourishing pop. Single includes 5 remixes. My fave is the ‘Foxkit remix’ (which you can get free!)- Sam. 

Shibuya Crossings – Gamla Stan / I’ll meet you at the station

Two songs, two sides of Shibuya Crossings. ‘Gamla Stan’ is the rocking, pounding track that is easy going, sunny and with a tinge of sadness in the happiness. Uh? Love the handclaps and the slightly-buried-in-the-mix organ adds a bit of power pop (via 60s). ‘I’ll meet you at the station’ is the sad ballad. Not my cup of tea, but the guitar work removes the mushiness a bit and the drumming makes me think of vintage 70’s tracks (AOR represent). You know what? Call me corny, but now I like this one. Video goes Shyamalan on us. You have been warned. – Orestes P. Xistos. 

Carajo, I miss Tacos al Pastor…  Until next time, I’m Orestes Xistos and I AM THE LORD. No, wait, I’m just fat and full of lard.  See ya and kisses and (((sholay))) (((hugs))).


Finn Bonel

Dead sons WebsiteMyspaceSoundcloudFacebookTwitter.

Ninetails  FacebookWebsiteBandcampTwitter.

The Black Hats Website. Facebook. Soundcloud. Twitter. Myspace.

In Golden Tears Website. Facebook.  Twitter.

Shibuya Crossings Website. Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp.


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