Model Village – A Solution To Everything

Scary pop. No, really! It’s like waking up, seeing the pitch white landscape from your window and then, crap, a moose pops around and scares the hell out of you. That’s Model Village for you. Pop with an edge, even if they don’t show it 90% of the time, it’s there, waiting to surface.

The last year was a busy one for this lovely band. First, they released a split 10″ with Puncture Repair Kit. Then, they released an EP. Then a Christmas song. For anyone who missed any of these releases, fret not, an album has been compiled.

A solution to everything is not just a cash in compilation (see: double dip). Sure, it’s stuff that has been drip fed to our ears over the last year, in a myriad of formats, shapes and sizes (including Playmobil figurines – love it!), but, oddly enough, it feels like a cohesive album. Was this band planning this all along, while sitting in a volcano base, white Persian cat sitting and purring?

Oh, well. Has it aged well? ‘Josefina’ still is warm and fuzzy (like a good hug), ‘Tiny hands’ still is sporting that switcheroo change from folk into alt county (all about the pedal steel) and ‘Bouncers’ is Model Village dipping their toes in the water of rock. So they do. And then dive, head on. What lies beneath? Well, as much as I love the sweet tracks, it’s ‘Dog watches’ what takes the crown.


It’s Model Village experimenting. They domineer the folksy side of stuff. They dabbled in alt country and it felt good. Now they want to rock out, slowly but surely, in a needle setting fire to the grooves. The solo is psychedelic and riveting.

‘Perfect replica’ is the complete opposite of ‘Dog watches’. This is not bad. It’s super sweet, but not sugary sweet. The male-female voice combo works well, like friendly rappers taking turns to drop cool rhymes to the beat. That will be the only time this band is compared to rap. ‘Hang ups goodbye’ is even another opposite (is this like a 20 sided dice or summink?). An accordion sets the stage and a mish mosh Punch and Judy show follows, set in the vast roads of Montana. There’s a bit of homespun Americana for you.

Model Village is a band with a lot of range. Sure, they are sweet as marshmallows (dunno if as soft, haven’t poked them) and they tackle quite a few genres (except rap), deftly and with all notes in the right places.

Words: Samuel J. Valdés López

Model Village Facebook. BandcampTumblrTwitter


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