Ghost Riots – Havana Jaguar EP

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Two songs? What the hootin’ cootie? México’s Ghost Riots release a two song EP called Havana Jaguar, sound like the lost echoes of a rave that happened in Nowhere at the corner of Daydreamers United. ‘Havana’ is the Goa trancey song (a-side, I reckon?), which is advertised as “techno”, but let’s not beat around the bush, let’s rave around it. Ghostly voices say “hey!” and the smoke takes over the room.

Hey, is that ‘Jaguar’ up there? It seems so. Sampling/recycling the drumbeat from that cover The Flying Lizards did to ‘Money (that’s what I want)’. The homaging/riffing goes away (slightly) and we get another mesmering track with sweeping filters and the sounds of industrial machines doing what they do best, bub.

There you go, two fashionable techno tracks. Any more on the pipeline?

For Fans of: Goa trance, The Chemical Brothers’ ‘It doesn’t matter’, Oakenfold on a straight edge day.

Words: Uncle Seth

Ghost Riots SoundcloudTwitter.

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