Blue Lip Feel – Glitterbox

Super sounds of the 70s,via some sweet 80s glam rock. That’s the new Blue Lip Feel EP, Glitterbox, in a twee phrase. It starts with a very vintage sound, driven to steal all bases in the back of an Oldsmobile. ‘Glitterbox’ is the name of the sexy track, feeding of the vibes of all those bred from the sine and cosine waves called Bread, America and Player. Needs just a trippy fadeout to be a 1970s Dodge Impala.

A glammier sound is persecuted and caught in ‘Make you love this’, where the sweet sounds of falsettos and throbbing basses carry us through a night out. Some sweet sounds make me think of a late-90s Libido, perhaps it’s the tasty solo weaved in? ‘Material Bones’ is where it goes into 80s radio, before hairspray and androginy took over. Men drank cheap blonde beer, women wore big earrings and neon wasn’t a way of live. The last gasps of rock (I was there) and Blue Lip Feel captures this essence. Thanks for the flashback to Gladys Porter High School, kids, I can still smell the Vo5 spray.

‘Velvet cape’ is where it gets full rock. EPs are always a shorter statement for bands and back in the day, we’d prefer a full album than something short. Yes, maybe there was some filler, but you know the band always saved the good stuff for the last tracks. For a solid EP, this ‘Velvet cape’ is the crown. A good night out with friends could’ve used this one, kids.

Glitterbox, a good ep of M.O.R. (editorial note: Seth doesn’t see this as a diss – Sam) rock waiting to grow out of that chrysalis state and fly away.

For fans of: Staple 70s rock bands dwelling on AM, like America, Player, Boston and Bread.

 Words: Uncle Seth

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