Widesky – Within that aura

FUTURESEQUENCE is a fairly new label concerned with the promotion of experimental music .Primarily a magazine / blog the focus is now on the record label.

There are three free compilations available to download but Within That Aura is the third full release. Thirty eight minutes in length the album consists of five selections.

“Experimental” is not a term I would use for the album as each track fall fairly and squarely in the box marked “drone”, a box we have opened many times BUT what sets Widesky apart is the instrumentation used to create the rich and dense textures. Found sounds, radio static and field recordings compliment processed instruments such as mandolin organ and piano.

Based in rural New Mexico, Widesky aka Seth Chrisman is clearly influenced by his surroundings as he creates his sound pictures. Using loops and pulses the album does not stray far from the drone mandate until the final track ‘An Invitation to Remain’ which shimmer and floats in a rarified atmosphere and has that essential quality needed in this genre-emotion a sense not really experienced in earlier pieces.

Without doubt this is space-rock of the highest order. So imagine you are lurking on the Space Station that orbits Solaris or you are floating in space, Ladies and Gentlemen, because these soundscapes would be perfect for the ipod.

While you are at it check out the website and download the freebies, oh yes and check out the brilliant artwork. Class act this label!

Words: Keefy.

Widesky Soundcloud. Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Last.fm.

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