Gunning for Tamar – Time Trophies

“Time is money”, they say. Rubbish, I say. I have no arguments, though, I just hate that phrase. But what is money and time anyways when you don’t have something to measure them? Queue Gunning for Tamar‘s brand new album (in a wristwatch!), Time Trophies.

Encased in a suave, mandarin orange colour, Time Trophies is an EP in a clock (working and all). It seems the band had to rush somewhere with utmost urgency, as the pace in Time Trophies never slows down.

‘Time trophies (radio edit)’ opens this album. The drumming is a good call to attention, but it’s the atmospheric guitar doing those slightly mournful notes what really tugs the heartstrings. Mind you, the song is anything but weepy, it’s a rocker that although never completely straight, it never meanders too much. There’s a few math rock elements here and there (mostly bass – poignant), just to keep the geeks in the audience (o/) happy.

‘Chocolate hooves’. Hey, we give you this song for free about a month and so ago. Shame on you if you don’t know it by now! The math rock elements are more apparent here, changing from the punkier fast gears into a slower gear, with much more torque.

Clocks! Cars! Is this review lost in a tangent? Sadly, yes, but ‘Astronaut-abort’ is a curveball. The one song with enough atmosphere to have its own little army of exploding Arnold Schwarzeneggers. Oh, just go with it and rent Total Recall.  The piano elements add magnificently to the vocals (possibly the best delivery in the EP) and easily my fave track of the bunch. That drum freakout has to be an excellent moment live.

You get two remixes, one by instrumental rockers Maybeshewill and one by the always reliable Johnny Foreigner. Maybeshewill take a stab at ‘Time Trophies’, doing a double fourier transform and veering dangerously into math electronics. Johnny Foreigner go for ‘Chocolate hooves’, making it both atmospheric and ringtone friendly. Good EP if you enjoy this math rock band and it’s punkier moments, even better if you miss a Swatch clock you stupidly lost on a field trip back in Catholic school (nuns don’t believe in time keeping apparatuses!)

Words: Sam

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