Review: Vast Robot Armies – Little Creatures

A few years ago, Goodnight Myopia landed on my lap. It was a spacey and overtly catchy one man army effort. It also felt like staggering back home after a particularly bad day: emotions are raw, the sun has gone back to its den far too fast and you are seeing red, almost blinded by the dark ocher lampposts guiding you home. Whatever shortcomings Goodnight … Continue reading Review: Vast Robot Armies – Little Creatures

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Interview: Withershins

A little while ago, a band from Champaign got in touch with us, contemplating the idea of streaming their new album in our dinky little website. That happened, then we fell head over heels over the album. Now, to get a trifecta, we got in touch with Isaac Arms from Withershins for an email interview. Space Rock, cartoon naughty bits and the state of art are talked … Continue reading Interview: Withershins

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Review: Sundiver – The Pull

A few years ago, I was inside a reclaimed terrain, sampling for oil and benzene. One of the PhD fellas asked me what I was listening to the most. I said “space rock”. It took the rest of the sampling time and lunch to get his head around the term. I think he was more worried about isotherms and water levels. This is relevant to … Continue reading Review: Sundiver – The Pull

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Track by track : Lumiere’s Coloso #3

We invited Lumiere to write a few blurbs about their long-in-the-making upcoming album, Coloso. One every day for the next forthnight. To start things up, ‘Ciclope’. Cíclope: A veces tenemos la (no)fortuna de ser el único tuerto en una tierra de ciegos. El “Ensayo sobre la ceguera” de Saramago nos inspiró a musicalizar esa tragedia. Cíclope: Sometimes, we have the (un)lucky position of being the one … Continue reading Track by track : Lumiere’s Coloso #3

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Interview – The Life and Times

The Life and Times. Legends. 

A few years ago, a group of scientists recorded the sound of stars (really!). The technique called stellar seismology gives us a sound and that sound describes what the star is made from. It’s a sound that pulsates and stays with you.

So is also the sounds that The Life and Times gives us in every release. Called space rock (a term thrown around by several fans – specially us), their music is quite dynamic and atmospheric, where every instrument has a clear cut voice perfectly enveloping each other, like twine.

We had the pleasure of reviewing their latest offering, No one loves you like I do (review) and even better, we managed to get much cherished interview with Allen Epley (guitars/vocals). Without any further ado, here it is…

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