Review – Kanine Records Sampler 2012

Kanine Records are based in Brooklyn and what we have here is the new sampler album for our pleasure.

This is a little like when you go to the cinema and your girl chose the pick n mix while you finished your pint. You don’t know what you will get when you put your hand in the bag!

First up, ‘Floating in Blue’ by Young Prisms. A sugary sweet to suck on- some nice shoegazy dream pop all phased guitar and floaty vocals. Zambri’s ‘ICBYS’ follows. A kind of electro indie piece a girl singer and some excellent keyboard work, chewy and interesting. Surfer Blood are all indie guitar, a simple three chord trick and a cool ‘60’s hook with ‘Miranda’, it’s not hard to guess that they sound surfy, which is ok by me.

‘Able To’ begins with twangy guitars and the singer keeps asking if I am “Able To”. The band are Eternal Summers and in answer to the question tidily wrapped up in a 3 minute pop song is simply “Yes”. Royal Baths enter the fray with some dark drone vocals and weird guitar noises. ‘Darling Divine’ is a bit creepy and very tasty. As pick n mix go this sticks to your teeth.

The XRay Eyeballs’ ‘X’ has a driving beat in a Euro Pop mode and I liken them to an up-to-date Human League. Yep, it’s a jelly baby. Zambri make a return with a moody brooding sound and continue to intrigue. ‘Glossolia’ shows much promise. Cool as a Mint Imperial! The much vaunted Grizzly Bear slide in with ‘Deep Sea Diver’.Oh yes, I have found a “Minstrel” in the bag. This is class. Sweet atmospheric vocals and a slow burner.

Chairlift’s ‘Evident Utensil’ is a quirky little ditty which works well – the slightly cheesy keyboards are not as annoying as you might think. The kind of sweet that looks crap but tastes OK. It’s Surfer Blood getting another outing with a remix of ‘Floating Vibes’, which kind of melts in the mouth. The oddly named Pepper Rabbit start with a ukelele and follow the well worn path of cute indie pop that is inoffensive and simply nice. It will sell a lot of telephones.

The bag is empty, wait, one last goody in the bottom corner. It’s a fizzy one. ‘Dream About Me’. The Depreciation Guild offer a mid tempo synth driven atmospheric tune the floats around in manner that makes me think of a warm beach and a cold lager. In fact that’s a good idea.

The lager, not the beach!

Samplers are fun there should be more of them . A bit like pick n mix really.

Words: Keefy

You can download this sampler here.

Kanine Records Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. Myspace. Youtube.

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