Synth is Golden

Review: Pulseprogramming –Charade is Gold

Chicago’s Pulseprogramming, the brainchild of vocalist/producer Marc Hellner, are a multimedia studio-based collective that have been releasing material for over a decade. New album ‘Charade is Gold’ is a beautiful slice of subtle synth-pop which delicately mixes dreamy shoegaze with analogue loops, undulating bass, deep monotone male vocals and uplifting, airy female vocals. Continue reading “Synth is Golden”

Wake up song for today -153

I came across this little gem because it’s on the soundtrack to the indie flick Bronson (2008), which charts the tumultuous life events of Charles Bronson, Britain’s ‘Most Violent Criminal’. Not only is the film worth seeing (Tom Hardy’s performance is astounding) but the soundtrack rocks.  Glass Candy are a Portland based electro duo and ‘Digital Versicolor’ is perfect for a motivational kick up the backside … Continue reading Wake up song for today -153

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A Dark Summer

Review: Bonobo – Black Sands

Over a pint of winter-themed cider, I was sat in the pub with some folks from the Sloucher head office and we were heatedly discussing the ‘End of Year Lists’ for the site.

You see, although Sloucher could probably profess to being ‘quirky’ in almost every respect, when it comes to the hot topic of making lists we’re out there with the best (worst?) of ‘em. Our motto: Occasionally give into peer pressure.

Anyway, without giving too much away (well, ok, giving a little bit away) the subject of Bonobo came up. Now, I for one immediately thought, “Yup yup, Zero-7-ish chill out Ibiza not interested” but my co-worker kept insisting that this was something I was blatantly ignorant to and missing out on. So in the end I gave into peer pressure and have since been eating my thoughts.

Continue reading “A Dark Summer”