Review : Autism Awareness Night

Apologies to Line Up 2 and John Swain for missing their sets.

A good atmosphere was to be encountered in a rather well-occupied West Street Live. It’s a warming thought that even when the economy  isn’t good (has it ever been, though), people will still lend a hand to charity events.

And of all the generous people set that day in adding their small grain of sand to the equation, the musicians present gave a heckuva show.

Firesuite are always an intense band and somehow, the West Street Live stage seems to work quite well for them. The way the lights and the colours shone on each of them had something magical that cold, chilly night. Opening with banging and raging ‘Sammy Davis Jr Jr.’, the band ripped out a lot of energetic vibes from the ether.

There’s never a slow moment at a Firesuite gig. Even the dreamy shoegazey ballad ‘Amity’ reaches an apex in the sky and then flies down, like a furious firebird soaring over a lonesome forest. Quite a few new tracks were being roadtested and ‘Rabbit’ is a fantastic track. Here’s hoping that hopefully it will be available for our listening pleasure this year.

Don’t sleep dream is a band that slipped from our gig-attending discipline last year but tonight was the night when that would finally be corrected. Solemnly taking the scene, they proceeded to rip out a 9 song set that tackled several genres, but a theme seemed to be a constant in their lyrics.

An air of lost feelings seeps from their songs. Their 5 song EP Just a ride is full to the brim with an emotional overload and it comes across with songs like the overpowering ‘Just a ride’ and the magnificent ‘Magnetic light’. They had a couple of very rocking moments like ‘Grow’ and ‘No Reason’.

It was an enjoyable night for a good cause (ACCT, ASD Friendly) and the couple of talks given were moving. Charity, honesty and good music. Can’t go wrong.

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Words & Photos: Sam

John Swain Soundcloud. Myspace.

Firesuite BandcampTwitterFacebookLast.fmMyspaceSoundcloud.

Don’t Sleep Dream WebsiteFacebookBandcampMyspace.

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