Sun Glitters – High EP

It may be a freezing cold January day outside my window but inside my room with the Sun Glitters High EP wafting around I am blissed out on a beach somewhere on the coast of Spain!

And I am in love. Victor Ferriera‘s (aka Sun Glitters) brilliant EP simply oozes long warm evenings and exotic cocktails. The title track ‘High’ does not kick things off, more like slips off the sneakers and paddles into a warm ocean with a hazy trippy mood that ebbs and flows with a tidal swell and in a moment you are gone.

Before you know it ‘It Takes Me’ does what it says on the label. A trance like spacy anthem transports us to another place drifting along effortlessly. ‘They Dont Want To Let You Know’ picks up the pace with a catchy descending sequence that fades in and out over a sweet and tasteful relentless beat. Lovely!

The final track is a remix of ‘It Takes Me’ by Jack Colleran of MMOTHS (not misspelt). It is another eerie ambient affair trucking along with a bass line to die for that underpins a rather unsettling soundscape . Is it good? Yes. Downside …We may have heard it all before but somehow I don’t really care.

OOH YES there are two free remixes as well. Jewellers take on ‘High’, it’s lush and inventive and quite tasty, while Sumsum (from Florida no less) give a thorough workout to ‘They don’t want you to Know’ and it is tremendous.

One to enjoy with your champagne.

Words: Keefy

Sun Glitters Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Soundcloud.

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