Burns like fire : Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed

Sometimes you need a mellow day filled with naps, soft cheese and violins and some days you just want to snap that violin in half and turn your record player all the way up. You blast good old fashioned punk rock to keep you from destroying everything in your house and it feels effing amazing . This is one of those days for me. I have so much energy built up, if I don’t stop dancing (flailing) around my house while listening to Burns like Fire I may just accidentally rip the sink out of the wall with my pent up hulk strength. It’s such a good release to play air guitar , slide across the floor and to jump off the couch and impress even myself with my herkie skills.

Having been together since 2009, Burns Like Fire has built up quite a local following and from what I hear the shows are something not to be missed. From playing a set while having food poisoning ( and rocking it before vomiting off the stage) to awesome dance moves and suggestive gyrating, this band know how to please a crowd. Unfortunately their tours have only been on the east coast of the US and I have had only youtube videos of their awesome moves to get me through until i can experience the real thing. Le’ sigh…

I sent these boys a few questions so you lovely readers could get to know burns like fire in a more intimate way..so here goes read up and enjoy!

How did you all meet?

Parker: I met Josh when I was probably 17. We played shows together in different bands in Savannah, and after that been playing in bands together since.  I met Charley and Web After moving up to Athens. Once again we were all in different bands that played around town together.

Josh:As Parker said we met in Savannah he played in a band called the K.I.D.S(Killer indie dip shits) in which later changed name to Celerity and I joined, but at the time I was in a horrible metal band called Beautifatal, doing drums, played one show and realized punk is a whole lot cooler so I joined celerity then moved to Athens, met Web at a tattoo shop telling me to check out his band at the time which Charley was playing with and then we hit it off played in different bands for a while. Then came Burns like Fire.

Charley:Well I have known Web for a long time living in the Athens Music Scene and Parker and Josh once they moved up here we both of our old bands would play together and we would get the chance to hang out and have a great time partying.

Web: Me and Charley knew each from being in bands together previously, Josh I first met at the tattoo shop I used to work at where he works now. Parker I met through his other band that we played with here in Athens became great friends since then.

Where are you all from?
Parker : Born and raised in Savannah, then moved to Athens.
Josh: I was a military brat moved around a lot, lived most in Savannah then moved up to Athens.
Charley: I was born in Louisiana moved around alot and I call Athens my home.
Web: Born and Raised in Athens

How did Burns Like Fire come together?
We were all in bands that were either ending or waning. We weren’t done playing music so we made a new band. Charley joined later on as our bass player and singer when he came back from a holiday in Alaska. He was our original choice for the spot and he came back just in time right as our former bass player had skipped out on us.

What were you like as an awkward teen?
Parker: I’m still an awkward. As a teen I was even more quiet than I am now. I played hockey and was more reserved. Not much has changed for me.
Josh: I was loud eccentric a little odd in a red neck school but I had some great friends to help me make bad decisions then.
Web: I was just a skateboarding kid minded my own business for the most part. I was gonna be a lawyer before I got in a band.
Charley: I was never awkward, i was a pretty easy going guy I pretty much can get along with everyone I meet.

Drink of choice?
Parker: Jameson on the rocks
Josh: Whiskey Scotch Beer (Whatever you offer me)
Charley: Gin and Tonic
Web: Whiskey( or whatever is Free)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read this word: Kitten?
I love Cats… I love every kinda cat…

What should people expect from a Burns Like Fire show?
High energy performance, lots of jumping, drinking, moshing, possible some nakedness and briefing. All in all a good ole time.

How many tattoos do you have?
All together way too many to count. Enough to look like you are at an art show when you see us play.

Favorite show you have ever played?
For the most part all of them are great but its a good toss up between Against Me, The Adicts, or our 1year anniversary Halloween bash, all crazy ass shows.

How would you describe your band?
Punk rock and roll

If you could survive off of only 1 food what would it be?
Probably as a group either free food or Pizza

When did you start playing your instrument and why?
Parker: Started on snare in school band round 4th grade and got my first full kit when I was 16.
Josh: I started on drums when I was 16 by the time I was 18 I traded them in for guitar cuz I realized there were so many better drummers out there and then I joined a band to play guitar with one of those drummers.
Charley:I have been playing in several bands since I was bout 15 or so.
Web: I have been messing around with music for since I can remember… best way to express my self.

What do you hope 2012 has in store for you?
Touring, touring and more touring. Looking for a label to call home make sure we can just play shows. Every Musician’s Dream.

How can folks acquire your music?
Bandcamp, CD Baby, Itunes and Facebook.

Any advice you have for bands?
Be open to all types of music. Don’t limit your listening or playing. Be a nerd when it comes to instrument. Practice makes perfect.

Last words or shout-outs?
To friends and family who have supported us throughout the years. To bosses who have not fired us throughout all of our touring. To the bands we have played with to make our touring adventure even more exciting. The friends we make that let us crash on your floors and couches. Thanks.

Words: Mikaela

You can read more of Mikaela’s writings and everything cool in Ogden, Utah, at her awesome site.

Burns like fire BandcampFacebook.

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