The Whiskey Priest – Thank you Twenty Eleven EP

Paying it forward. We said it yesterday in the review for the uplifting Eric & Magill EP and we will say it again here. It’s always nice when an artist gives back a little something as a token of appreciation and this very short and sweet gem made its way into our inbox (and FruitLogoedMp3Player).

The Whiskey Priest had a great year with a sweet EP (review), a great, thoughtful album (under his Sad Accordions guise) and this three song EP is made up from one cover (Neil Young) and two instrumental ditties.

‘Alone/Not alone (the high lonesome desert)’ opens the proceedings. Fingers travel playfully over a little riff. It repeats, it drones and synth atmospheres melt like Dali’s clocks (okay, it’s called The persistence of memory). It’s like those instrumental bits from Lost Wages and it’s the natural followthrough.

‘Albuquerque’ is sad. Very sad and a good tribute to Neil Young‘s original track. It takes a turn for the saddest towards the end and can’t think of anyone involved having a dry eye by the end. And if anyone had a dry eye, it probably let out a few painful tears with the melancholic ‘Waiting out the new year’. The ominous beginning and then those mournful notes, flying away like dead leaves in the ground. The almost silent ending is confusing and possibly more ominous than I give it credit for.

Words: Sam

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