Invite : Hey Sholay, The Hot Soles and Mad Colours

Hey ho ho homies! Tis the season for clichés and bad puns (no change from our usual dross, then?) and it seems The Harley has delivered a mince pie* of a line up with:

The Hot Soles: Imagine The Blues Brothers. It’s a good film, but it’s just a random thought. The Hot Soles deliver some honest to God/Jebus/Dawkins/Tláloc rock and have a very lively attitude.

Mad Colours: A band that sings about pork, plays on pork pie hats (allegedly) and breathe methane. A tropical mix of art rock and day old buttered baps.

Hey Sholay: Art rock in pop sheep’s clothing. There is droning, there is rock and roll and there’s a hint that none of them are fully from this plane of existence.

But, hey, if this still doesn’t convince you, you can also do the following for each band:

The Hot Soles : Read an interview we did with them, a trio of gig reviews (Club 60, The Bowery, The Harley) and even asked you to put them as your ringtone.

Hey Sholay: We’re fans. Here’s a shitload of gig reviews: Harley, Rollerpalooza, Forum, S1 Artspace, Tramlines. The pink tape? Reviewed. A poem about said tape? Of course. Dreamboat? Yes. The double A-single? A-yup. An interview with their newest member? Of course. And, Oh Lord, I can change but I don’t know how to change the clo-o-o-o-ocks :(

Mad Colours : We have a restraining order by them against us since an incident at Dickens in Rotherham ended in a punchup at a wedding (no no no no no no no no), but you can read all about them at their cool Tumblr. Just don’t tell them we sent ya. They are armed with pork sporks.

4 quid tax. December 23rd. The Harley. Go make someone happy and enjoy yourselves.

*This analogy is only valid if you love mince pies. If you don’t, replace with any pie you love. If you don’t love pie, you are not human.

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