The Glass Child – This is how ghosts are made

A lot of things can happen in a year. Cycles start and end, friendships come and go and projects eventually cement into realities or just fade as another failed goal in a Gantt chart.

Thankfully, it seems that a certain Ms. Charlotte Eriksson‘s one year plan came to fruition. An EP released, a label started (Broken Glass Records) and now, a brand new release called This is how ghosts are made.

Under the moniker of The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson weaves in a musical loom the elements of pop and rock to create a sort of cloth armour that will envelop her voice that switches from a mournful whimper into a powerful, angry vocal delivery that is just waiting to explode. The retained anger can be felt in every breath before the angrier parts of ‘The Devil’s sin’.

‘Best part of me’ sounds like the confessional of someone who has messed up royally. The first path to forgiveness is always accepting you’ve done a wrong. The track isn’t wrong, though, and it puts into the equation a couple of interesting twists (mostly regarding rhythm). Depending on your current emotional state it could be either another song on the radio about broken hopes and shattered illusions or a song about how life goes sour. Can’t appreciate the sweet without the sour, so said my Grampa…

It’s a strange thing with ‘Tell the world’. The sound is a little rough but whatever emotions are put into the song make up for it. Brutal lyrics, though, no way ’round it. Where as ‘Best part of me’ was a mea culpa, this feels more of a ‘I did it my way’.

The hard driven, rock solid approach is abandoned for a moment of tenderness. You can get the longing in Ms. Eriksson‘s voice (again, the selling point of this release) in ‘Hypnic jerk’. Just a guitar and her voice is needed to drive the point home. But the tenderness is just a layer of deception, as the lyrics read: “Softly / you lay your head beside me / say you feel my heartbeat / I’m too numb to feel you”. Holy shit, that hurt.

Anyone played Alice : Madness Returns? It’s an interesting game, taking a very dark tone on the whole Alice in Wonderland thing. Well, ‘Insanity’ sounds like the pop song that little Alice would write after a stroll through the barren wasteland that the once magical place was. I blame the Jabberwocky. The angry rant just before the end is a highlight. A voice becomes a snarl, a frustration in your heart becomes a clear cut message to the world: you can push me for too long until I start shoving back.

 Through 7 tracks, you get the highs and lows of life. A bit of a confessional, a straight talking lyric collection and a powerful voice. Yes, that’s what it is. A year well spent.

Words: Sam.

The Glass Child Website. Soundcloud. Twitter. Tumblr. Facebook.

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