Blood Sport – Journal No. 4

Immerse in times that seem cathartic, experimental sounds cross my mind and ears and evoke tranquility, as they really can block my useless thoughts. There’s a combination of styles, unfathomable time signatures and accompaniment altered sometimes as the iterative word that would break your world apart, like the missing word in one sentence.

This is Journal No. 4 by Blood Sport, a band with influences covering from punk to afro beat, a mix that really seems to hunger for new styles and founding, a deep search for theory materialized through music.

The music I listen to seems not to follow any special order or theory, but only what the band members feel like integrating to the song; sometimes each and every sound involves a personal story or history that permeates through the membrane of every note a feeling, experience, thought or emotion; this is the exact moment when a connection is started with the audience. For example, track no. 3, ‘Mayan Dance’. I would really love to know the story of this title (inevitable curiosity from a Mexican girl); this song also includes a guitar riff that would remind me of the sound of a Mexican beach, displaying the bright colors of this culture and echoes of syncretism (the pillar over which Mexican Culture in general has been built).

Connections may seem erratic and sometimes lost, but find a thin string to connect ideas. This moment can be only identified as the most chaotic moment of a song. Transitions are then the only recurrent and fixed reference point in these 6 tracks.

A deep jazz influence but taken beyond, as no clear meeting place is distinctive, even in songs that would be expressed in less than 3 minutes, e.g.: ‘Earthquake Beach’ and ‘Kraken’ (tracks 2 and 4). The first of these songs develops through a colorful bass line and drums to then incorporate vocals with a constant descending tune, then a transition is marked through an interesting and short guitar riff, giving more progress to the drums and bass behind. The song then starts unfolding as vocals maintain the same idea to then give way to an explosion; it never returns to the home sound or riff. The same is almost developed in track 4, ‘Kraken’, including a sound that also reminds me of the beach, like happiness expressed but then interrupted by an event or negative though, and proceeds with sounds of the sea, water, as beach memories in the sunset, where someone would start playing a guitar and you were just left imagining the accompaniment of that riff.

The bass guitar sound is amazing, as it preserves its deepest voice as possible, presenting a quite different argument to the distortion around, as in the last track, ‘Mexborough’.

This is like the sound you have imagined or dreamed of, but cannot find a translation with the tools given in our reality, but there are always good (and successful) attempts to pull those ideas here, bringing them to light through our subconscious, then you get a new Blood Sport song.


Blood Sport Tumblr. Soundcloud. Bandcamp. Myspace. Reverbnation.

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