Said the Whale – New Brighton

Sometimes, it’s just the short bursts that make something enjoyable. Just 4 tracks for Said the Whale‘s New Brighton and you get their groovy Indie. It might sound like a slightly twee pop at the beginning, but their rock and roll sideburns shine through on and on. ‘New Brighton’ starts like a very friendly romp through acoustic land, but somewhere along the line, the electricity is reconnected and they electrocute themselves, jolting through the speakers with some deft piano to take the panache readings a little further. Nice opener.

‘Sandy bay fishing song’ is a little sea shanty in Rock tempo, a breezy day by the seaside being interrupted by a bunch of brown seagulls chasing you and your loved ones for your food, in a scene reminiscent of The Warriors, only more birdy. The way the song progresses more and more into rock (check the piano vs guitar solo) is subtle yet effective. The keeper track of the EP.

Then, get to ‘Lines’. This says it all:

Yeah, Back to the future reference + catchy song = winner. Really good, jangly and carefree. ‘Little bird’ is the sweet acoustic swansong for New Brighton, a mix between a folk song and a seafaring lamentation about lost loves and yearning.

Sweet and short EP, a sort of a hors d’oeuvres for their upcoming release in March, 2012.

Words: Sam

Said the Whale Website. Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Bandcamp. Tumblr.

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