Review: Withershins – Mt. Fuji in Blue

The vastness of space is hard to pin down as a sound. Sure, there are those sweet, scary sounds the NASA says are “the sounds of space“, but what does space actually sounds like? We probably have mentioned that lovely genre called Space Rock a few times with bands like The Life and Times, The Joy Circuit, Vast Robot Armies and Spacesuit and after spending … Continue reading Review: Withershins – Mt. Fuji in Blue

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Polly and the Billets Doux – Hold Fast EP

The happiest way of being sad. That’s what Hold Fast, the new EP by Polly and the Billets Doux. Sure, it starts with ‘Hold Fast’, a foot stomping, groovy song that begs for the moonshine to be quaffed and the Dodge Charger to be fired up, stetson hat comfortably tipped to the front and the bolo tie in the place where it belongs (the bottom … Continue reading Polly and the Billets Doux – Hold Fast EP

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Radio friendly Americana

Dust on the Breakers – American Reclamation

The skinny: Music as a landscape.

The review proper: Imagine an Autumn sunset. The skies are turning mauve and purple. There’s a few shades of red and orange by the departing Sun. And you’re on your way home to your loved ones (in my case, a laptop).

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