Wake up to 65daysofstatic

They are good. They are very, very good. It’s good to read that the recent USA release of We Were Exploding Anyway(link) and Heavy Sky(link) are getting great reviews.

We have been very lucky enough to interview them twice, once before their show (link) at the Octagon (link) and during their magnificent re-scoring of Silent Running (link).

So it was a very good day when they announced a few months ago that they were going to release Silent Running re-score on vinyl (sold out – damn!) and as digital. It’s an excellent re-scoring (made a film I loved even better!) and we sincerely hope it gets the kudos it deserves.

The band, ever so in touch with their fans (love their newsletters) are giving away the tragic ‘Burial Scene’. Here it’s streaming, get it for gratis on their website (see our links section in this very post).

 Links Official site.  TwitterLast.fmStreamSpotify. Soundcloud.


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