Prince Edward Island – This Day is a good enough day

‘I nearly don’t love you, but not quite’. That’s the title of the slow and almost romantic song that kicks off This day is a good enough day. You’d reckon it’ll be a lovey-dovey affair, but it seems that there might be something afoot. 

Prince Edward Island. A band with a singer with a lovely Scottish accent and a dreamy kind of indie rock that never goes into the brooding side of the spectrum; rhythm is upbeat, guitars are peppy and the vocals are not morose.

It’s clear that the band has a sense of humour. Not only by the funny nature of the song titles (made me think of Minus The Bear‘s chucklesome ones) but there’s some moments that feel that they are all doing what they want, with tongue firmly planted on cheek. The beat keeping at the beginning of ‘It’s all over bar shouting’ sounded like it was going to be a joke, but it’s just a lighthearted touch to a catchy song.

‘You look like I need a drink’ might be a funny title, but there’s a lot of longing, both on vocal delivery and lyrics. ‘Like bouncers we stand’ has some great drumming work and the violin touches add a bit of tenderness to the rock sensibilities.

But it’s not all about the strummy and chorus heavy in this album. The band’s love of electronica does come alive in ‘Sex in the morning (you’re coughing, I’m yawning)’. The title is quality and the change of pace (and the feelings brooding around it) makes it a memorable spot on the album. ‘Take your breath away’ is the meeting point between indie rock and electronica. Works well and the sweet ending is a nice touch, really heartfelt. There’s more variety for you. ‘I’ve been to the city’ sports some psychedelic moments trying to kick in the door (hopefully ready to shout “Biggie don’t hit me no more!”). It even has a cool trumpet section.

The album does close on a double pack that really shows what they are aiming for: confusing you. Nevermind going for genres nor to a formula, the band is clearly not caring about this and the music they are creating can be very creative  and fun (‘I am a pig and you are a cow’) but at the same time, with the finger on the pulse of what’s catchy (‘The Keith Disaster Fund’).

It says on their website it took them five years to create this album, I hope they feel the wait was well worth it. From this end of the process, it feels like a “yes”. Beep beep beep…

Words: Sam

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beep beep beep beep beep beep 

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